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The Ultimate Guide to Disney Military Discounts

Disney military discounts - Pixar Fest characters

For most people, a multi-day trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World can be pretty pricey. However, for active or retired service members, the company is offering some incredible Disney military discounts and deals for 2024. If you’re an active military member and want to visit a Disney theme park this year, now is the time to start booking.

What Is Available for Disney Military Discounts?

Both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are offering special pricing for military members in 2024. In fact, these deals are a renewal from last year since they were such a big hit. Here’s a breakdown of each deal and how it works:

Military Salute Ticket at Walt Disney World

Because Walt Disney World spans four unique parks, it’s impossible to see everything in a single day. Instead, you can purchase a four-, five-, or six-day Park Hopper pass for you and your family. You can also upgrade to the Park Hopper Plus option, which allows you to go between parks in a single day (otherwise, it’s only one park per day).

According to Walt Disney World, the prices (not including sales tax) are as follows:

  • 6-Day Park Hopper Pass: $407
  • 6-Day Park Hopper Plus Pass: $439
  • 5-Day Park Hopper Pass: $389
  • 5-Day Park Hopper Plus Pass: $419
  • 4-Day Park Hopper Pass: $369
  • 4-Day Park Hopper Plus Pass: $399

For the four-day passes, you must buy the tickets before December 17. For the five-day passes, the deadline is December 16, and for the six-day passes, the deadline is December 15. However, you must book all dates by December 20, so if you wait until the deadline, you’ll have to reserve your spots immediately.

One thing to point out about these passes is that you must reserve your place at the park before visiting. So, you have to plan your trip ahead of time rather than showing up at whichever park you feel like going on the day.

Overall, these Disney military discounts are meaningful, as regular 4-day passes (without Plus features) are almost $400 each. As you can see, it only costs about $20 or less to add another day per person, which is far less than the current price of $109 for a single-day pass at Walt Disney World.

Disney military discounts - family with Minnie Mouse

Disneyland Resort also has a military discount deal. Since Disneyland and California Adventure are across from each other, you get Park Hopper privileges baked into the ticket. This means you can hop from one to the other in a single day without having to upgrade to a Plus pass.

That said, Disneyland still has two pricing tiers: one for regular admission and another for adding the Genie+ pass. Genie+ has replaced the FastPass system, so now you have to pay to avoid the long lines at both theme parks. The pricing for these passes are as follows:

  • 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket: $269
  • 3-Day Park Hopper w/Genie+: $359
  • 4-Day Park Hopper Ticket: $315
  • 4-Day Park Hopper w/Genie+: $435

Again, you can see that adding another day is still much cheaper than buying a day pass at the gate for over $100. As for whether Genie+ is worth it, the jury is still out. Since you’ll have multiple days to visit both parks, you can spread everything out and hit all the rides you want. Realistically, Genie+ is only if you want to ride as many rides as possible in a single day.

The deadline to use these passes is December 13, but the final day to purchase them is December 10. There may also be some blackout dates, so you need to call to confirm availability beforehand. As with Walt Disney World, you must reserve your spot before going to the park.

In addition to Disney military discounts for theme park tickets, active and retired military members can often save money on resort stays. While Disney doesn’t list specific discounts or deals, it mentions that military members can save money on resorts, theme parks, and add-ons for their vacation. Overall, it pays to be a service member when planning a Disney vacation.

Do Disney Military Discounts Extend to Friends and Family Members?

Only active or retired military members and their spouses can purchase these passes. Disney also limits the total to six passes, regardless of who purchased them.

Another point to consider is that you’ll likely be required to show your ID at the park when entering. So, if you’re trying to buy passes for friends, they’ll have to come with you to gain entry. Otherwise, they may be turned away at the gate.

Disney military discounts - family at Downtown Disney

Other Ways to Find Disney Discounts

Yes, being a service member has perks when booking a Disney resort vacation. However, you don’t have to sign up for active duty to save money whenever Disneyland or Walt Disney World is calling.

In fact, you can even earn some extra cash along the way. Learning how to become a Disney travel agent is the simplest method, and it pays off in two ways:

First, you get access to special deals and discounts unavailable to the general public. Disney and other resorts offer these to travel agents to help them book more trip packages.

Second, you earn a commission from each trip. Since the vendor (i.e., Disney) pays the commission, you can actually get money back from your own vacation. While it’s not enough to cover the entire trip, it’s enough to justify becoming a travel agent. Plus, you can book trips for friends, family, or strangers and earn commissions when they travel, too.

Becoming a Travel Agent With Boardwalk Travel Agency

Typically, learning how to become a Disney travel agent with no experience means working with a big agency. The main problem with this option is that you have to work full-time for the agency, and you’re limited in how much you can earn from commissions. While you could sign on as an independent contractor, you often have to pay to use their resources, forcing you to book more trips to cover those expenses.

Instead, Boardwalk Travel Agency makes it easy to become an agent. All you have to do is pay a one-time membership fee, and you’re in the system. The training program is fast and easy to master, and you can earn up to 70 percent commissions on each trip. Since Boardwalk doesn’t have massive overhead costs, the company can pass those savings to you.

Are you ready to book your next Disney trip? Sign up with Boardwalk Travel Agency today and see how becoming a travel agent can change your life!

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