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Your Guide to Disney Cruise Destinations in 2024

Cruise ship - Disney cruise destinations in 2024

When it comes to vacationing, nothing compares to a cruise. If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know there’s so much to do, see, and eat along the way. Because of this, you’re probably wondering what are the best Disney cruise destinations in 2024?

Although all cruises are enjoyable, a Disney cruise really elevates the experience. As far as family entertainment goes, Disney Cruise Line offers non-stop fun and activities for adults and children of all ages. Best of all, the destinations of these cruises are spectacular, as the ships go everywhere from the Caribbean to Europe.

Best of all, being on a Disney cruise means you can interact with characters and participate in Disney-themed activities. Each port of call has a new adventure, so where will your next vacation take you?

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Disney Cruise Destinations in 2024

Because Disney travels worldwide, not every destination is available year-round. For example, Alaska cruises typically happen during the summer, when the snow and ice are less treacherous. Similarly, parts of Europe are off-limits during the winter because they’re too cold or wet.

As a rule, destinations in the Caribbean and Hawaii are available all year, although the hurricane season can disrupt ship activity in the area. Overall, it’s best to plan your cruise as far out in advance as possible so there are no surprises.

Here’s a list of the main Disney cruise destinations in 2024 (in alphabetical order), along with the types of activities and ports of call you can expect. Also, keep in mind that the ports of call change regularly for various reasons, so each cruise may have a slightly different route, even if the destination is the same.


Although Alaska is part of the United States, it almost feels like you’re in a whole other country. The majesty of the mountains and glaciers is hard to describe. You have to see it for yourself to understand the scale and magnitude of the experience.

While Alaskan cruises occur during the summer, the weather can still get pretty chilly, especially when you’re close to a glacier. So, it’s best to pack for cold weather and snow. That said, there can be some balmy and sunny days during the voyage, so you’ll want a mix of different clothing and gear.

Some of the notable ports of call include:

  • Glacier Viewing – While you don’t always get to disembark from the boat when visiting Alaska’s glaciers, you can certainly see a lot from the boat. In addition to the massive ice walls, you can see wildlife (like seals and whales) and witness breathtaking natural scenes of waterfalls, forests, and fjords.
  • Juneau – Did you know that no roads enter Alaska’s capital city? The only way to reach Juneau is via aircraft or boat. The city has tons of historical and cultural elements, so you’ll love spending the day experiencing the best that Alaska has to offer.
  • Ketchikan – If you want to explore the last wild frontier (a la Frontierland at Disneyland), Ketchikan is about as good as it gets. This town used to be the salmon capital of the world, and it still holds its charm as one of the last places where modern life is completely surrounded by nature.
  • Victoria, Canada – As a city, Victoria is a bit like stepping into merry old London. There are double-decker buses, English architecture, and a distinctly Old World vibe. Victoria is the perfect blend of history and modern life, and it’s also known as the “City of Gardens.”

As far as adventures go, Alaska cruises help you connect with nature. You can go ziplining, hiking, rappelling, and even ride in a seaplane to view the scenery from above. If you want to see wildlife and explore the wilderness, Alaska is the place to visit.


While Alaska is charming if you’re into rugged forests and icy glaciers, the Caribbean is best if you want a sunny tropical paradise. White sand beaches, palm trees, and a breezy, laid-back vibe await you and your family in the Caribbean. While the Bahamas get lots of attention, Disney cruises go almost everywhere, including these ports of call:

  • Mexico – Mayan and Aztec ruins are incredible to witness up close, and Disney has two distinct locations you can visit: Costa Maya and Cozumel. In addition to the ruins and historical artifacts, you can experience Mexican culture and walk along the gorgeous beaches along the Caribbean Sea.
  • Falmouth, Jamaica – Along with the Bahamas, Jamaica is another famous island you can visit on a Disney cruise. Falmouth is a historical city, so you can see what life was like on the island before modern times. The town is also surrounded by stunning natural elements, including beaches, waterfalls, and lagoons.
  • Florida – Most Caribbean cruises depart from Florida, but you can explore more of the Sunshine State along your route. Cruises stop at destinations like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Port Canaveral. If you want the ultimate Disney vacation, you can disembark at Port Canaveral and head to Walt Disney World.
  • Bahamas – Disney has its own island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay. So, the only way you can experience this place is to take a Disney Cruise. The entire island feels like it’s straight out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, complete with characters, vintage props and decor, and activities.

Disney also breaks up the Caribbean into different sections. If you want to explore the Eastern Caribbean, you can visit islands like St. Maarten, the US Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The Eastern Caribbean cruise can also feature a stop in NYC if you want a taste of the Big Apple before heading home.

During the Southern Caribbean cruise, you can visit islands like Aruba, Antigua, Martinique, and St. Kitts. Each island has its own personality and history, so you can really get a taste of all the unique options the Caribbean has to offer. This makes the Caribbean one of the best Disney cruise destinations in 2024.

As far as activities and adventures, most of them revolve around diving, exploring the jungle, or experiencing local customs and traditions. For example, you can learn how to make paella or experience Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration.

Family cruise - Disney cruise destinations in 2024


Unlike the Caribbean, Europe is a massive continent full of different countries, languages, customs, and histories. So, when booking a European Disney Cruise, you must pick one area at a time. For example, you can explore Northern Europe, including Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. Alternatively, you can explore Western Europe, including Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

Disney also offers Mediterranean cruises, which take you to picturesque locales like Italy, Greece, Croatia, Malta, and Turkiye. Given the mild and accommodating Mediterranean climate, you can always pack light and soak up the sunshine, no matter the time of year. Most of these countries have multiple ports of call, so you can spend your entire cruise exploring one country (like Spain or France) or hop from one nation to the next.

One of the best things about European cruises is that you only need one passport, and you only have to convert your cash into Euros. Most of these ports are built around international tourists, so it’s relatively easy to get around and find what you need, even if you don’t speak the local language.

Disney has some incredible European adventures, like:

  • Volcano Exploration
  • Five Days in London
  • Castle Tours and Expeditions
  • Off-Roading Excursions
  • Private Island Charters
  • Unique Cultural Dining Experiences
  • Historical Tours
  • Wine and Spirit Tastings

Because each country has so much to offer, it can be overwhelming to choose activities for yourself and your family. So, before booking a cruise, determine the most important experiences and plan your trip accordingly. For example, you can do food tours of different countries to experience their cuisine firsthand. Alternatively, you can hike and explore the natural beauty of each country via guided tours and off-road adventures.


You don’t have to go to the Caribbean (or get a passport) to experience tropical paradise. Hawaii is only a short flight away from the mainland, and it offers everything you could want in a tropical vacation. Plus, with five main islands to experience, there’s a variety of activities and backdrops available.

There are a handful of ports of call in Hawaii, including:

  • Honolulu – As the capital city, Honolulu is the most populated of the state. Although Oahu is relatively small compared to the other Hawaiian islands, it has much more to do and see, especially if you want to go shopping or experience the island’s nightlife. You can also visit Pearl Harbor here.
  • Kahului – This is the main port of entry on Maui. Maui offers a unique blend of modern life and island living. One half is dedicated to the tourists, while the other half offers the Road to Hana, where you can experience more traditional Hawaiian heritage. Maui also has some incredible waterfalls if you want to explore its natural beauty.
  • Nawiliwili – Kaua’i is the most natural of the main Hawaiian islands, so if you want to explore more of the jungle and rainforest, here is where you should disembark. There are plenty of secluded beaches and waterfalls on the island, so you can almost feel like you have the entire place to yourselves.
  • Hilo – The Big Island almost feels like two distinct places. The Hilo side is more modern and developed, while the Kona side has more nature and cultural elements. Plus, if you want to explore Hawaiian volcanoes, there’s no better place to do it than at Volcanoes National Park.

As far as adventures go, you can explore the waterfalls and natural parks of the state, or experience Hawaiian culture via museums and luaus. There are also a few snorkeling expeditions and boat cruises, so you can witness the majesty of Hawaii from the ocean.

South Pacific

The South Pacific is a vast area encompassing thousands of square miles, so there are fewer places to visit than in other parts of the world like the Caribbean or Europe. However, each port of call in the South Pacific is breathtaking and magical, and you get to spend more time enjoying the fun activities on the boat.

The ports of call available on these cruises include:

  • Fiji – Fiji is the quintessential “tropical paradise,” complete with lush jungles, white sand beaches, and elegant waterfalls. The entire island chain is fabulous, and you can explore the islands of Lautoka and Suva.
  • New Caledonia – Here is where you can experience coral reefs and vast lagoons, giving you a sneak peek into the natural wonders of the South Pacific.
  • American Samoa – Because this tiny island chain is part of the US, you can get a taste of home while still experiencing a slice of the tropics.
  • Sydney, Australia – You can explore all the landmarks and tourist destinations of Sydney, including the harbor, the botanical gardens, and the opera house.

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